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A War on Science

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A War On ScienceBy Kaitlyn and Cléo

  • Sciences greatest theory --> evolution is under attack
  • The threat is emerging from the only scientific super power on earth and provoking some of the biggest names in science
  • It threatens many people that it may be replacing science with God
  • This idea is getting the support from a lot of people
  • This documentary is about a battle between faith and knowledge
  • America’s scientific soul is at stake
  • Ridiculous theory of evolution with faith
  • September 2005, there was a landmark legal case in America
  • Charles Darwin
  • A legitimate scientific controversy over Darwin's theory of Evolution
  • It was a local high school dispute and turned into a battle of God vs. Science
  • The spark that started this was “Intelligent Design” ( a legitimate scientific theory?)
  • It claims that there is scientific evidence of a supernatural creator of life
  • It creates a conflict between science and religion
  • Darwin hypothesized that we all descended from an organism, we were all origings of animals
  • A lot of people are upset that what the findings of evolution don’t make sence according to the bible
  • If the story of creation could be doubted then the creator could be doubted too
  • Darwin found his own theories upsetting aswell
  • He was compelled to accept the scientific evidence
  • Americans fought to prevent the spread of Darwin’s crazy idea
  • Reason vs Faith
  • Millions of american children learn nothing about the evolution and learn about the Bible
  • They think that God created the world in 7 days
  • It took 60 years for the creationists to lose their battle
  • Creationism was banned from the science curriculum 
  • The resistance to evolution never went away
  • In June 2004, a struggle of control for the local highschool (small town of DORVER) a battle of the teaching of evolution
  • Jeff and Casey Brown were getting more and more fundamentalists christians on the governing board
  • They believed that evolution is a hoax
  • Nothing can contradict anything in the bible and possibly be true --> that’s what they believed
  • One member immediately objected to what a biology book contained, because there was 12 mentions of Charles Darwin, in a 1400 page book
  • Teachers were lying to children about evolution, according to some parents on the board
  • Anti-Teacher, Anti-Science, -- the people on the board were this
  • Jeff and Casey were in the minority
  • Dover was to become the new focus of the battle of Darwin’s theory of Evolution and war the Intelligent Design
  • Late 1900’s(?), Johnston started creating a way to overthrow Darwin’s theory
  • Johnston challenged Darwin’s theory, and because he was a lawyer, he put him on trial
  • Johnston would have to talk about the backround of his theory which was NATURAL SELECTION to overthrow Darwin’s theory
  • Natural Selection --> explained how life evolved from the first simple organisms
  • How in nature, the fittest were known, leaving the offspring with noticeable characteristics and this would let species to develop, and to create new species
  • Natural Selection could create the diversity of life on Earth
  • Johnston was unconvinced by the evidence
  • Johnston believed that Darwin’s theory was just another problem with science and that science was anti-religious
  • Darwin’s theory said that they should keep God or any supernatural being of being the creator and that nature did it all. It basically said that there was no supreme being
  • Bio Chemist, Michael Behe by meeting one other person who is willing to talk about what you think than you are not crazy. 
  • Darwin’s theory relied on the step by step evolution of complexe organisms from simpler onces
  • Behe went in search on an organism that didn’t fit the theory
  • He found a mechanism that was made out of 50 different interactive parts
  • If one part was missing, it was useless
  • Anything apart from the whole would simply not work
  • Darwin’s theory had problems with the fact that if Figelum couldn’t be created step by step, there must of been a creator
  • Irreducable Figelity was based on the fact natural machines whose parts were so independant that they couldn’t evolve on their own




William Dembski had intuitive doubts about the evolutionary theory and that 'tiny changes that occur in a specie, changing their genes and those mutations, over time, changes the actual specie. William said that we couldn’t base evolution on ‘'chance''. 



In order to do that he started looking closely at DNA. 


He said that such presision in a precise order could not be explained by chance. I was simply too complex and it was mathematically impossible.

His conclusion: He came to the conclusion that intelligence was the only thing we could explain it, meaning that God was the creator. This was it left chance out of the question and gave a solution that many could relate too, and adopt.  


This theory is what we call ''Intelligent Design'' -> (ID).


*Important term- Creationism [definition found on the net]: the belief that the universe and living organisms originate from specific acts of divine creation, as in the biblical account, rather than by natural processes such as evolution.


Professor Richard Dawkins, on the other hand, believes that arguing over this, and I quote, is a waste of time, and the only people who believe in Intelligent Design are the ones who don't know anything else.  Pretty harsh comment if someone believes that God created everything. -Cléo Elbilia  He also said that if the scientists agreed to argue with the creationists, they had already lost, which is what they wanted most.

He also explains that even if ID was somehow proven, it had to do with religion, and therefore is not a scientific theory.



School should perhaps teach both theories and let the students decide which are more suitable for their beliefs.



Summer 2004, Bryan Rehm, highschool teacher, had an issue with this. His school forced him to teach Intelligent Design and not the Theory of Evolution. He said that he understood that the board of gouverners had religious beliefs, but they had to understand the difference into protecting their religion and promotting their religion. 

After him and his wife unsuccesfully fought the school, Rehm quit his job and him+ his wife sewed the school, along with 9 other parents.


Philosopher of science Dr Miller, defended Darwin's idea. He proved with a simple exemple, that if ID was valid, some part of ______ would not be working whatsoever, but it did. Which proves wrong ID. He said something quite interesting though.. he said, '' They explain everything with God, which pretty much explains nothing'' <- it's a lack of concrete information


objective vs subjective?




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