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2 Debate

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Be It Resolved That:  Information technology is the future of man's survival.


1st group:  Robert, Dan P, Sam  - FOR  


2nd group: Matthew O., Brody, Raquel, Cleo -AGAINST  


3rd group:  Kaitlyn, Matt M, Jill - AGAINST  


4th group:  Nico, Dan M. Jon B, Max - FOR 



This is what you should do to prepare for the debate tomorrow:


1.  Review your personal class notes and the Google docs class notes 


2.  Pay close attention to these authors;  Kevin Kelly, Ray Kurzweil, Dan Dennett, Charles Darwin


3.  Make sure you can summarize their points (or the objections against their points) succinctly


  (ex:  Dan Dennett = memes (ideas) transmit culture and allow it to evolve, ideas, like parasites can infect cultures OBJECTION:  No one has ever seen    a meme!       This is not science but his own bias against religious thinking in any form.)


4.  Confer with your partners to see who will raise which points.


5.  Prepare and know your stuff!  


NB:  This is not a premium wiki so I can't make private pages.  I suggest you use Google Docs to prepare your arguments for tomorrow as you won't have sufficient class time to do so.  

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