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Bamd My Culture Teacher Example Page

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The culture to which you belong: this is my picture


I chose this picture because it represents the culture that best describes me; notably, a group of people who come together to learn and exchange ideas.  The shared value is growth of the individual for the benefit of the group (class, society, world).  These values of growth, learning and sharing are the ones that best describe me and my idea of a 'school culture'. 


My link to a web page that best describes my understanding of this culture to which I belong: http://amazingkids01.blogspot.com/2011/02/adora-svitak-september-2010-amazing-kid.html I chose this site to best represent my understanding of culture for two reasons: a) it is a digital platform which allows people from all over the world to read the blog posts, comment and share ideas (shared values) and b) because it represents the initiative of the young generation and their desire for growth. 


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