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KasC my culture

Page history last edited by Daryl 12 years, 2 months ago

Tupac Shakur ~ Only God Can Judge MeI believe that culture is ones beliefs and what has influence on someones everyday life. You can be apart of many different cultures, for example: if you are canadian, american, european. Those are all examples of a type of culture. When it comes to the youth culture I believe that kids/teenagers these days are the most influenced by the music they listen to. The music plays a role in beliefs and life style, which all has an impact on culture. Tupac Shakur is my favorite artist. A lot of people see him only as a rapper, but he was also a poet. Tupac has changed the way I look at things and has changed some of my beliefs. Music is the strongest culture for the youths. 




This link explains Tupac Shakur and Tupac has had a huge impact on my beliefs and my p.o.v.


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