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5 Imagining Your Future

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April 13th 2011 is today's date.  But what if it were April 13th, 2041 -  thirty years in the future?  What will the world look like?  It is not impossible to imagine.  Remember Moore's Law: computational capacity doubles itself every 18 months.  A computer chip that was expensive and HUGE only five years ago is cheap and tiny today.  Our technological capabilities increase exponentially; that means at a head spinning rate!


We have seen the how the web (and our connection to it) is reshaping life as we know it in almost every dimension imaginable.  This folder (the future of evolution) contains many pages with rich resources about all the ways that the future will be shaped by the web and the connectivity it brings.


 Your job is to decide on a question (research) you want to ask of the future.  For example, you might ask, "How will a young person get an education in 2040?", or, "What will the planet's resources be like in 2040?".  In order to answer these questions, you have to do some RESEARCH.  You can do this by yourself, or with a partner.  This will count for your term project.  You will need to discover what the new technologies are in your chosen area.    For example, if I am interested in education, I will want to discover how technology can help people learn.  Are any schools doing things differently because of new technologies?  Is it possible to get a degree and never go to class?  (Did you know that there is a "University of the People" and a "Peer to Peer" university?)  Do people learn differently because of new technologies?  FOLLOW YOUR QUESTIONS!  I WILL BE THERE TO GUIDE YOU AND HELP YOU FIND WHAT YOU NEED.  BEGIN WITH THE MATERIAL IN THIS FOLDER!


Questions you are probably asking yourself or would like to ask me:


1.  Does this count?

     Yes.  This will replace your "web term project"; 10% for outline, 25% for final project.


2.  When do I have to get this 'imagining' done for?

     Same dates apply for this as did for the "web term project".


3.  How will I do this?

     Use your partner.  Brainstorm together.  Begin with what you are really interested in discovering.  Using the resources in this folder as your starting points.  Remember this is not an experiment in science fiction, even though it might seem so.  You must uncover some EXISTING features, trends and realities that already are having an impact in our world.  From there, extrapolate (check it up in the dictionary) out 30 years based on these principles.  See an example HERE.  











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