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11 Imagining the future of IDEAS FOR PROJECT

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On this page, you will find ideas and resources for your final project.  Some of these ideas we will discuss in class so everyone will have a chance to express their thoughts about the topic.  Other ideas will be there for you to discover;

but if you want to discuss it in class, then by all means, bring it up!


The Future of Money


This is from CBC's radio show called SPARK with host Nora Young.  The show is all about technology and how it influences our lives.  This episode (139 from Feb 27, 2011) is about the future of money, specifically, how over 70% of Kenyans are using a digital currency called MPESA.  The beginning part of the show gives a brief but comical history of the development of currency and then describes some of the changes happening with DIGITAL CURRENCY in Kenya.  This is important for the rest of the world because the digital currency removes the middle men (BANKS!) and that would revolutionize our global economy system.  It has some very provocative ideas about the future of money.   You can listen to it here:


Future of Money.mp3  (it is 24 minutes long) or you can go to the SPARK website and listen to it there. 


The Future of Books




(You can skip the first ten minutes of introduction if you want to save time)


The Gamification of Life


You can listen to the interview with Jane McGonigal who wrote the book "Reality is Broken" on CBC Spark HERE (scroll down the page)


and look at her website HERE (where you will find her TED talk and lots of other great stuff)


The Gamification of School




The Future of Social Media


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXcWXiHgTZQ&feature=relmfu (listen to Zuckerberg and see if you agree with his vision of the future and what people want)


Listen to Clay Shirky, prof of interactive journalism/media at NYU on the future of everything because of social media. (If it doesn't play, you can go to the source HERE.



The Future of our Climate :Mark Hertsgaard and the Hot Generation









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