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Sample Essay Exam

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Introduction to Anthropology Essay Exam




Create a Google doc and title it: Anthro Exam, preceded by the 1st 3 letters of your last name and the first letter of your first name.  (Bamd Anthro Exam)

Make sure to invite me to it as an editor.  On your document, make sure to write your name and the date at the top of the page.


Everyone must answer question 1 and choose between either question 2 or question 3.  (You will have answered two questions.)   Each question should be at least 350 words. Most students will need more than this to answer the question. (See the word count function under “tools”.)  No points are given for vague and general statements.  Verbose answers that avoid precise information will also lose points.  Everything you say must be supported.  You may refer to a lecture date and title but do not include any hyperlinks.  Simply state the name of the study and/or theorist as well as the facts you are citing.  EACH ANSWER MUST CITE AT LEAST THREE THEORISTS/ANTHROPOLOGISTS AND COLOUR CODE SUBJECT SPECIFIC VOCABULARY (5).  Give as much specific references as you possibly can.   This is not an opinion essay but an opportunity to demonstrate your understand of anthropology, its basic questions, findings, thinkers and controversies.  


Compulsory Question:


1.  TBA




You choose:


2. TBA




3.  TBA


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