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1 a  Wiki Treasure Hunt

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Anthropology Wiki Treasure Hunt



Write your answers on your Google doc homework page. Remember to give a heading and a date to all your homework.  (YOU HAVE TEN MINUTES TO DO THIS HUNT.)


Insert links to your discoveries (ctl c, then k then v).  Homework notes are always more interesting to review with colour, links and images.  You can easily do this by going to ‘insert’ then select image.  Copy the image url and insert it or do a Google search in ‘tools’, ‘research’ then simply drag and drop the image into your document.  


Search tips on the wiki: 1- Use the Navigator for subjects, 2- use the search bar for key words, 3- look in pages and files

1.  Identify four titles of student projects from 2011.


2.  What is the name of the anthropologist who spoke about empathy?


3.  Name two societies that have collapsed (are ‘extinct’).


4.  What criteria did past students think was important for excellent presentations?


5.  What two search engines do I recommend other than Google?


6.  What is the name of the man who speaks about ‘homo futuro’?


7.  What are the two alternatives I suggest to powerpoint presentations?


8.  What is the name of the anthropologist who talks about Bonobos?



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