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PreC - TFAD: Scopes Monkey Trial

Page history last edited by CatherinePreston 10 years, 7 months ago

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Chris Dimopoulos said

at 11:53 am on Oct 30, 2013

Whilst listening to Catherine’s presentation I couldn’t get over the amount of facts and useful knowledge she managed to condense into a 6 minute video. The reason why I believe it should be one of the presentations we should see is because (and I speak for myself) not having a clue what her topic was about at first and only having to watch a 6 minute video to get by my standard a base knowledge for the topic was mind-blowing. My favorite/ most interesting detail was when they were planning to arrest one of their own teachers just to attract attention. In terms of visuals, I found that each image helped me link the information given with the picture shown which gave me not only a verbal understanding, but a visual understanding. Finally, the amount of history you put leading up to the trials really helped me understand and get a clear message.

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